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5 “Must Do” Low Cost No Cost Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic Part 1

What are you doing to take advantage of low cost no cost strategies? Find out how to get your website hosted and developed for FREE? Find out how now.

Email Marketing Lists

Be prepared to put in the time or pay someone to do it for you. Just having a website on the internet and expecting people find it and contact you for your services or products is a fatalist’s approach. You need to create and maintain a web presence. This takes time and effort weather you do the work yourself or have someone do it for you. The more strategies you use to reach out to potential customers the greater potential you have of creating successful web presence.

There are many strategies you can employ to increase traffic to your website. Many will have greater usefulness to your specific needs than others depending upon the type and purpose of your website. Here is a tip to keep in mind, to a certain degree they are all intertwined and complimentary of each other. Jeff Bullas author of Blogging the Smat Way lists 57 of the top ways to drive traffic to your site in his blog post 57 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic. Although it is targeted to Bloggers they are still effective on any website.

Build an email list

Email marketing has been around since the advent of email itself. Ask any successful marketer or online store owner, an email list is the top priority from day one. Why? Because email marketing works! Email marketing quite often gets a bad rap for the proliferation of SPAM. Or is perceived as “old school” passé, slow and clunky compared to the instantaneous Twitter tweets and FaceBook posts.

From day one you must create your email list and continue to grow your list. When someone hands you your business card add them to the list. If you have a bricks & mortar store ask every customer for their email address even if they didn’t purchase anything. Everyone loves free stuff. Offer FREE downloads from your site that they can only download by entering their name and email. Contests are another fabulous no cost / low cost way to get peoples contact information. The point is never pass up an opportunity to add an email address to your list.

There may be some validity to the old school one step up from snail mail perception of email.

There are many tasks involved, managing subscriptions to your mail list, creating content to send out to your loyal clients and potential clients, sending emails to potential customers, sending follow-up emails, auto-responders. But email lists are a tried, tested and proven effective way to reach your target market and drive traffic to your website. Why because it is your list, every email address on your list is a qualified lead targeted to your business. That’s not to dismiss the effectiveness of social media to reach your audience. Remember these strategies are intertwined. More on social media in Part 3 in this series on strategies to drive traffic to your website.

Building your email list can be a very discouraging and time consuming. Then once you’ve started your list, how do you effectively use it? Fear not my friends there is plenty of email marketing software available. Email marketing software are tools you can and probably should use to help simplify the task of email marketing, ease the management of email campaigns and reduce the time involved in maintaining email lists.

Selecting the best email marketing application for your purposes is a difficult decision. While some of the features are the same each will have their own proprietary features along with drawbacks and price points. Asses your current requirements as well as your future goals. Select a provider that allows for growth with your business and mail lists.

What are you doing to take advantage of low cost no cost strategies? Want to find out how to get your website hosted and developed for FREE? Find out how now.

Be sure to catch our next segment in the 5 “Must Do” Low Cost No Cost Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic Part 2/
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Here are my top choices for email marketing software providers.

Mail Chimp Features

  • MailChimp has more than 400 templates to choose from.
  • A drag and drop editor for quick and easy email layouts.
  • Allows you to change the From name of your email without having an account set up for that name.
  • Uses an open API and encourages other applications to integrate with it like PayPal & Google Analytics
  • Reports on the number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes and complaints.
  • FREE version


The free version of MailChimp has some limitations including the ability to send auto-responders.


  • Less than 2,000 subscribers and are sending less than 12,000 emails per month, free
  • a number of monthly plans to choose from ranging from $10/month for up to 500 subscribers to $240/month for up to 50,000 subscribers. All paid plans have an unlimited number of sends

Constant Contact Features

  • more than 400 customizable email templates
  • option to use a blank template or code directly with HTML and CSS
  • WordPress plug-in as well as a Facebook Fan Page app
  • allows you to change the From line on your email without requiring creation of a new account
  • view bounces, complaints, opt-outs, click-throughs, forwards and social shares


  • 5,000-response monthly limit
  • Google Analytics reports are not available
  • No free version for small-scale email marketing initiatives


  • Ranging from $15/month for up to 500 addresses to $75/month for up to 10,000
  • discounts for pre-paying customers and non-profits.
  • Free trial for 60 days.

Emma Features

  • 40 templates to choose from
  • Offers custom design services (for a fee)
  • Drag and drop email editor similar to MailChimp
  • Emma integrates with Bigstock, Aviary, Google Analytics and social media sites
  • Response reporting is easy to interpret, and actionable.  i.e. view a list of subscribers who have taken an action (like opened or clicked) and turn that list into a new send list


  • Not many templates
  • No free version for small-scale email marketing initiatives


  • range from $30/month for 1,000 emails to $125/month for up to 10,000 emails
  • A 20% discount for pre-paying and special nonprofit
  • 30 day free trial

Campaigner Features

  • 600+ Email Templates
  • Mobile Email Templates
  • Open/Click Rate Reports and campaign views on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+,
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Social Sharing


  • No Free version


  • Range $10 per month  1,000 contacts to $55 per month for 10,000 contacts
  • 30 Day FREE Trial
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