Want to know how to get your website hosted for FREE?

Want to know how to get your website developed for FREE?

Of course you want your website hosted FREE. Everyone wants their website developed for FREE!

Well now you can have it. This is a special one-time offer to the first 30 people to take advantage of FREE Website Development offer. FREE Web Site Development and hosting won’t be available after the 30th spot is filled. FREE website development will only be provided for the first 30 people to take advantage of this incredible offer.

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Why only thirty spots? Why one spot? Let’s face it we can’t stay in business if we give everything away. So we had to set a limit somewhere. Why are we giving away FREE Website Development? Because we want to help You. Yes Help YOU! Here is the catch. You knew it was coming. There is always a catch. It’s true and here it is.

You must do 2 things. One, you must own a Canadian based start-up business with no more than 2 years business activity. Sorry my American and worldwide friends. Two, you must choose to submit the sign up form best suited to your business needs. Why only Canadian start-up businesses. Well because I Am Canadian. Because if you are a start-up business you know funding is tight. If you’re not a start-up remember when you were? I understand the start-up financial constraints all too well. We could use all the help we can get in the early years. As I said I want to help.

But don’t worry if you are not a Canadian start-up business we can still help you with your website hosting and website development needs. And if you refer a Canadian start-up business who takes advantage of this offer. We will be sure to show our appreciation. Contact us for details.

Okay, here is the deal. For the first 30 Canadian start-up businesses to sign up. GTA Internet will develop your Search Engine Optimised for Google, Yahoo & Bing website for FREE. That is a $2,500.00+ savings, an expense you will not have to incur. Plus GTA Internet will host your site on our VHS12 plan for a minimal hosting fee of $10.00 a month for a term of 24 months. Regular VHS12 hosting plan $89.98 a month. That is an incredible deal! Right!? Save $3,460.00, FREE Web site development and $10.00 Website Hosting!

Time for the second thing you must do. Choose!

  • Choose to save $3,460.00 with FREE website development.
  • Choose to save $5,260.00 more with FREE Website Development AND FREE website hosting.
  • Or choose not to decide loose this limited, amazing offer to help grow your Canadian start-up business.

When the available spots are filled this FREE Website offer will end.
30 0 spots remaining

Sorry this offer is no longer available. However you can still have a premium website developed for $500.00 with $10.00 per month hosting.Click here for more information


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